World War 3 Brings Authentic and Tactical Warfare on November 25th

World War 3 brings tactical gameplay, an immense arsenal of authentic weapons and maps closely modelled on the real world

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MY.GAMES and The Farm 51 are thrilled to announce that their tactical online FPS World War 3 is entering its Closed Beta Phase. The Closed Beta Test (CBT) will start on November 25th and run until the Open Beta Test (OBT) launch planned for March 2022, together with a new content update and the transition to a free-to-play distribution model.

World War 3 aims to offer a fully authentic tactical experience evocative of real warfare while still being accessible. The game features weapons closely modelled on the real weapons in use by real militaries around the world. Realistic gameplay features like ballistics, physics, and full body awareness combine to create a truly authentic and immersive modern combat experience. Additionally, players engage in team-based skirmishes in maps closely based on their real-world locations in Berlin, Warsaw, Polyarny, and Moscow. 

The CBT marks a significant milestone for the game as the Veteran Alpha Test, playable in September, showed a renewed focus on World War 3. With revitalized maps, overhauled gunplay, revamped character animations, and a wide array of improvements to performance and game stability, World War 3 is ready to expand to a larger audience.

This CBT will be available to players with pre-orders packs and those who bought the game during its original release into Early Access (any purchase before October 4, 2021). Additionally, these veterans are credited with an exclusive item pack and a Lieutenant Pack worth $49.99 in gratitude for their early project support. Players can claim these gifts by logging into their Steam account on the game's official website.

Zac Gunnell

NA Senior PR Manager, My.Games

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About WorldWar3


World War 3 is a multiplayer military FPS set against the backdrop of a modern global conflict. Featuring cooperative online teamplay and tense, tactical battles, players fight for national armies across a selection of maps based on real-world locations. Developer The Farm 51 is collaborating with military experts to create a truly authentic, visceral combat experience with full-body awareness and impact, authentic ballistics and armor simulation, an arsenal of weapons, and the ability to see the consequences of global war campaigns on the world map.


The Farm 51 is a Polish video game developer founded in 2005 by Wojciech Pazdur and Kamil Bilczyński, who previously worked on the Painkiller series at People Can Fly, and Robert Siejka, the former president of 3D Magazine. Originally working on outsourcing contracts for other studios, The Farm 51 received funding from 1C Company to create their 2009 debut project, NecroVisioN, and its prequel, NecroVisioN: Lost Company. The Farm 51 also developed the action FPS Deadfall Adventures, the survival horror Get Even (published by Bandai Namco), and Chernobylite, which is actively in development and available as an early access title on Steam. In 2020, they entered into a development and publishing agreement with MY.GAMES to release the multiplayer military FPS World War 3 on PC.